Teaching Testimonials

Lemuel Grave

concert pianist, professor at the Hambourg High Music Academy


Jasmina Kulaglich has given me a lot, musically, technically, humanely, and she is for me a model of piano teaching. Jasmina was able to find the musical images that spoke to me, as well as an organic, structured and natural direction to my piano technique and the development of my sound.

Jasmina Kulaglich has always been honest and sincere, and believed in me at every point of my training. Without her I wouldn’t be a pianist now.

Thank you Jasmina.

Daniel Gardiole

concert pianist, professor at the Paris Music Academy, 17arr.


My piano work with Jasmina Kulaglich has been life-saving and formative in several aspects. With her I learned to face the difficulties with agility and ease. Her teaching is about self-widening and opening the consciousness.  She knew how to make happen this « something » inside me that makes me the pianist I am today.

Her teaching allowed me to dig tunnels deep inside me, to discover new ways, to desolve my artistic limits in order to find myself facing a new sky. Brighter and warmer.

I am glad I was able to meet an artist and teacher of this quality on my musical path.

Pauline Chevalier

concert pianist, professor at the Music Academy Aubervilliers & Rosny


Jasmina is a pianist with a passionate character and boundless energy !

As a teacher, she is close to her students, dedicated, generous, of total availability and absolute benevolence. But it is also a fine psychologist, very attentive, respectful of the character and temperament of each, who knows how to keep a certain distance to leave the artistic personality of its students to flourish.

I obviously learned a lot during these years, both technically and musically, but our exchanges also inspired a new calm and confidence, both at the piano and on a daily basis. These years of study with Jasmina allowed me to find the right balance between momentum and serenity, necessary for my life as an artist and teacher.

Nicola Seravalle

concert pianist, professor


From my experience, I remember the first working session with Jasmina Kulaglich : I played just one piece, and at the end she said : “Ok, I got it… “ – its was a flash. This is the result of her great expertise in music/piano, her relationship with young pianists, and more broadly of her humanity that know how to listen to young people. From there, Jasmina helped me a lot on the path of my development, adapting her teaching to my problems to resolve.

And more, Jasmina Kulaglich helps her students to go to the stage and organize concerts, a quality that is too rare today.

Xangomossey Lara

concert pianist, professor at National Education Academy


The period of study with Jasmina Kulaglich was for me very dense in terms of pianistic development and emotional feeling. Indeed, Jasmina Kulaglich knows how to convey the method of approaching the work, which consists of investing in the piece both physically and mentally. A method full of sensitivity and delicacy, but also self-control.

The masterclasses that Jasmina Kulaglich has given at the Residence of the Moulin d’Andé, where I participated, were particularly useful to the young student that I was. Beside her pianistic teaching, Jasmina was able to provoke and develop the sharing of her students’ expériences, all in this marvelous place – the Moulin d’Andé http://www.moulinande.com/ .