Jasmina Kulaglich © Laura Cortès

Reviews & Testimonials

The effervescent playing of Jasmina Kulaglich reaches out to the listener immediately. Virtuoso, angry, pledged with a sense of vaporous phrasing, it intoxicates by a freestyle touch in incandescent trills, which abound here. It’s smoky hardness communicates to these Byzantine arabesques all their flavour… Spiritual and exhilarating ascent, a musical pilgrimage to rare fullness.

Etienne Muller, Appoggiature

It’s a record of rare beauty. With extraordinary concentration, she even recreates the atmosphere that must be present in each place, as well as the prayers spoken by the faithful, along with the wonderment of those at the altar, and the architecture laden with history. In spite of these intense emotions, Jasmina Kulaglich’s playing denotes great simplicity. The sereneness that she brings into being in each piece, and in particular Sopocani, Pantelejmon, and Studenica, is remarkable.

Victoria Okada, ResMusica

What a strength! Interiority and power, built together in one breath.

Jean Luc Reider, Radio Swiss Romande

The pianist makes singing the wonderful Steinway with all its palette of colors and shades.

Carlo Schreiber, Crescendo, Belgium

Jasmina Kulaglich, the inspired and dynamic tuning peg of the Trio Bohème, with the ever-present, hypnotic and obsessive rhythm of the tango, contributing literally to capturing the audience.

Michel Roubinet, Concertclassic, Paris

Masterstroke by the pianist, a compatriot of the composer. An ideal tone, with judicious resonance employed with a fine musicality here, where all the registers of the instrument are used to create a perfect balance, with a great sound fulness.

Nicolas Mesnier-Nature, Classique Info Disque

It’s indescribably beautiful… and indescribably bold…

Trio Bohème, Var Matin, France

I have immense admiration for the talents of the pianist Jasmina Kulaglich. As an artist, she is gifted with an innate sense of beauty and an unmatched musical sensibility. In her interpretations, she demonstrates exquisite taste and a musicall understanding graced with charm and nobility.

Aquiles Delle Vigne, Mozarteum, Salzburg

Her program…performed with great confidence which was entirely justified ... with the same aembitiauty, purity and clarity, in both form and expression ...

Jean Nadal, Est Eclair, France

I recommend this CD for its mind openness, the mastery of the technique, incredible insurance of touch of Jasmina Kulaglich, expressive beauty of this music.

Jacqueline Cnobloch, In Concerto, Nice