New album in preparation

After my first album “Byzantine Mosaic” released at Naxos with the highest distinctions in France (ResMusica “To take away”) and Belgium (“Crescendo” 10/10), I prepare my second solo CD :

This project, titled “Dumka” is comprised of pieces from the Russian repertory and comes from the bottom of my heart.

My inspiration comes from the beauty of the Slavic lands, a place that I call my home.

Its deep emotions, strength, and courage all run through my blood, especially in this time of crisis which continues to motivate me even further.

The pieces I have chosen for this work vary greatly ! Some are lyrical while others are filled with joy and show that happiness can be found even under the direst of circumstances. There are also some mischievous selections that will bring out the inner child in all of us.


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What’s behind the title “Dumka”?

Dumka refers to a unique variety of Slavic music, typically written in a melancholy, or sad style, interspersed with pieces full of life and joy. My whole CD is one Dumka !

You’ll hear Tchaikovsky‘s famous “Dumka”, with the painful sections as well as the happy ones, next to the Russian master’s “Romance”, as well as other seldom played compositions by Russian composers such as Glinka and Borodin.

I am also very proud to announce that I am featuring works by seldom-heard Russian woman composers – Ella Adayevsky and Tatiana Nikolayeva, who is known as a great pianist of our time.

This music, I feel as mesmerizing as it is generating life !


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I am proud to partner with the internationally acclaimed Calliope label in this project. Their motto “The passion for music and the commitment of Excellence” describes them preciously !

The recording will be made at the Studio Stéphane Paullelo, renowned piano maker, on his piano “Opus 102”, original design that lends itself perfectly for this Slavic program.


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