“Czech Music Night”- Jasmina Kulaglich & Soloists of the “Orchestre National de France”


Soloists of the « Orchestre National de France »

Nguyen Huu Nguyen, violin

Benjamin Estienne, violin

Teodor Coman, viola

Oana Unc, cello


Jasmina Kulaglich, piano


The year 2021 is marked, among others, by the anniversary of the birth of Antonin Dvorak, a Bohemian composer. Initially organist, he was also an orchestral violist where he played with Smetana, Wagner, Balakirev as conductors.

Antonin devoted himself to composition at an early age and quickly achieved international success. Becoming a friend of Johannes Brahms, his works were published by Simrock, and he was acclaimed in England. At Tchaikovsky’s initiative, he toured Russia, between Moscow and St. Petersburg, before becoming director of the National Conservatory in New York. His famous “New World Symphony” is composed during his stay in North America, as well as his Quartet No. 12 evoking the characteristic processes of blues, and his 2nd cello concerto.


The “Czech Music Night” program harmoniously brings together two great Czech composers, Dvorak and Suk, offering trio, quartet and quintet formations for piano and strings.

The program begins with one of his most famous piano trios, “Dumky”, composed of several “dumas” – a term often used by Slavic composers to name introspective musical pieces interspersed with light and happy movements.

The second Quintet for Piano and Strings is one of the major works of all time for this ensemble. Composed in the same tone of A Major as its first quintet, it is extensively developed in four movements, where a “Dumka” slips again, as an epic ride.

These two works are joined by Josef Suk’s “Meditation for String Quartet on the ancient Czech Chorale in honour of Saint Venceslas.” A Czech composer, Suk was a pupil of Dvorak, but gradually emerged from the influence of his master to adopt a relatively modern language. Composed mainly of symphonic music, it leaves several important works in chamber music.

In the program “Czech Music Night” the synergy of interpretation between Jasmina Kulaglich and the Soloists of the National Orchestra of France is based on their long-standing friendship and musical complicity.


Program “Czech Music Night”


Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904)

Trio for piano and strings in E minor “Dumky” op.90

  • Dumka I Lento maestoso – Allegro quasi doppio movimento
  • Dumka II  Poco adagio – Vivace non troppo – Vivace
  • Dumka III  Andante – Vivace non troppo – Allegretto
  • Dumka IV  Andante moderato – Allegro scherzando – Quasi tempo di marcia
  • Dumka V  Allegro
  • Dumka VI  Lento maestoso – Presto


Josef Suk (1874-1935)

Meditation for string quartet on the ancient Czech chorale in honor of Saint Venceslas op. 35a

Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904)

Piano Quintet No.2 in A major op. 81

  • Allegro ma non tanto
  • Dumka. Andante con moto
  • Scherzo (Furiant). Molto vivace
  • Finale. Allegro



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