Concert Show “Ode to Life”

The sounds of life in all its colors!

A concert-show that combines the sounds of a pianist with the voice of an actor, Russian melodies and chopinian sparks with living words carrying the Depth of Life and the Joy of Being.

Life …. it’s day and night, yin and yang, joy and sadness, laughter and tears, enthusiasm and abatement…… all lived in the intensity of the present moment!


Chopin, Borodine, Glinka, Chostakovitch, Khatchaturian


Andreï Biély, Alexandre Apoukhtine, Victor Hugo, Mallarmé, Louise Labé, Anna de Noailles, Alfred de Vigny, Mother Teresa

Jasmina Kulaglich, piano / Bertrand Festas, actor

Celebrating life and living an enchanting moment of sharing sweetness and life force !


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