HORSD’ŒUVRES de Jasmina Kulaglich


1. BEETHOVEN Sonate op. 10 n°1, 1er mvt download
2. BEETHOVEN Sonate op.10 n°1, 3ème mvt download
3. SCRIABINE Prélude op.11 n°5 download
4. SCRIABINE Prélude op.11 n°16 download
5. TAJCEVIC Balkan dance n°1 download
6. TAJCEVIC Balkan dance n°2 download
7. TAJCEVIC Balkan dance n°5 download
8. CHOPIN Mazurka op.7 n°1 download
9. CHOPIN Mazurka op.7 n°2 download
10. CHOPIN Mazurka op.7 n°4 download
11. CHOPIN Polonaise op.40 n°2 download

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About Album

Designed as a rainbow, with short pieces or excerpts of different styles, this virtual CD is a “mouthful” and an hors d’oeuvre of concert programs proposed by Jasmina Kulaglich.

Recorded “live” at the Salle Cortot in Paris for Chopin and Tajcevic’s pieces, or in the “La Courneuve Auditorium” concert hall for Beethoven and Scriabin, this virtual album mixes various colors and sound approaches to get to know the artist better.

Artist: Jasmina Kulaglich
Label: Virtual Album
Release Date: 1-9-2020
Genre: Classical
People: Jasmina Kulaglich (Piano)

Album Reviews

I have immense admiration for the talents of the pianist Jasmina Kulaglich. As an artist, she is gifted with an innate sense of beauty and an unmatched musical sensibility. In her interpretations, she demonstrates exquisite taste and a musical understanding graced with charm and nobility.

Aquiles Delle Vigne, "Mozarteum", Salzburg

The effervescent playing of Jasmina Kulaglich reaches out to the listener immediately. Virtuoso, angry, pledged with a sense of vaporous phrasing, it intoxicates by a freestyle touch in incandescent trills, which abound here. It’s smoky hardness communicates to these Byzantine arabesques all their flavour… Spiritual and exhilarating ascent, a musical pilgrimage to rare fullness.

Etienne Muller, "Appoggiature"

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