1. Mikhail Glinka - Reminiscences of a Mazurka
2. Leokadiya Kashperova -Two Roses, Andantino
3. Leokadiya Kashperova - Two Roses, Allegretto
4. Mikhail Glinka - Nocturne in E flat Major
5. Alexander Borodin - Petite Suite, Mazurka
6. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Romance in F minor op.5
7. Ella Adayevskaya - Sarabande
8. Ella Adayevskaya - Gavotte
9. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Dumka, Russian rustic scene op.59
10. Alexander Borodin - Petite Suite, In the Monastery
11. Alexander Borodin - Petite Suite, Intermezzo
12. Aram Khachaturian - Toccata in E flat minor
13. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Music Box
14. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Old Waltz
15. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Polka
16. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Etude
17. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Mazurka
18. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Waltz
19. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Tarantella
20. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Elegie
21. Tatiana Nikolayeva - Album for Children op.19, Galop
22. Mikhail Glinka - La Séparation 4’38

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Marvelously balanced in terms of repertoire and style – Jasmina Kulaglich has all the lyricism, warmth and spaciousness that one could desire. (MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL, UK – Rob Challinor)

With this programme, I feel that I am offering some of the most beautiful things produced by the Slavic lands from which I come – their deep emotions, infinite sweetness as well as their strength and courage of life.  

Tchaikovsky’s famous rustic Dumka piece is one of the numbers – with its painful and some genuinely playful sections, alongside his splendid Romance, as well as other rarely performed pieces such as Glinka’s profound Separation, his sparkling Memory of a Mazurka along with the religious sentiment of Borodin’s In the monastery, interwoven with the poetry of his Intermezzo full of hope. 

This album is moving in its simplicity. A moment of pure happiness. (CRESCENDO – Carlo Schreiber)

Slow motion, breaths, idiomatic turns, impeccable technique. An album where the pianist demonstrates all her poetry, her sensitivity as a performer. (UTIMISOL – Michel Pertile)

The fingers of Serbian pianist Jasmina Kulaglich undertake the particular style of each piece with great enthusiasm, avoiding uniformity, with all the vigor required. Cloudy and subtle, fresh and spontaneous, she knows how to bring out the spirit of each score. (5* CLASSICA, France – Isabelle Werck)

And as a gift – to discover, thanks to the collaboration with Arthur Chimkovitch – pieces by Russian female composers, almost never heard on stage including ones from Ella Adaïevsky – her majestic Sarabande, and a richly sober Gavotte with veiled allusions in its central section.  

Kashperova’s skin-deep lyricism in Two Roses reaches out to the volcanic force of Khachaturian’s Toccata, topped off by Tatiana Nikolayeva’s return to the innocence of childhood with Album for children, so intensely rich in energy it makes you want to dance!

This programme echoes life – it is full of contrasts and intense emotions. This music, I feel it equally bewitching and life-giving! (Jasmina Kulaglich)

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Artist: Jasmina Kulaglich
Label: Calliope
Release Date: 25-3-2022
Genre: Classical
People: Jasmina Kulaglich (Piano)

Album Reviews

Jasmina transmits to us an inner joy, a serenity, a call to reconciliation with oneself. This album reaches out to each of us - an album that comes from the heart.


Dumka, an album that celebrates life ! The direct path to authenticity.

GANG FLOW - Anne-Sandrine Di Girolamo

All these pieces are beautifully interpreted, without gratuitous effect but with great sensitivity.


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