5***** CLASSICA for the album Dumka | Interview

Jasmina Kulaglich’s new album DUMKA gets 5 stars by Classica !


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CLASSICA, one of the most important music magazines in France, gives the “Dumka” album 5 stars !


“The fingers of Serbian pianist Jasmina Kulaglich undertake the particular style of each piece with great enthusiasm, avoiding uniformity.”

“With all the vigor required for Khachaturian’s athletic and oriental “Toccata”,

cloudy and subtle in sentimental pieces like Tchaikovsky’s “Romance”,

fresh and spontaneous in Nikolayeva’s complete “Album for Children”,

she knows how to bring out the spirit of each score.” – Isabelle Werck




« This album is wonderful; marvellously balanced in terms of repertoire and style and Kulaglich has all the lyricism, warmth and spaciousness that one could desire. » – Rob Challinor



UTMISOL, France :

« We feel very well that our pianist knows perfectly this Russian piano repertoire. Slow motion, breaths, idiomatic turns, impeccable technique… and a poetry that forces admiration. »

« An album where the pianist demonstrates all her poetry, her sensitivity as a performer.» – Michel Pertile



After Radio Classique, the interview with Radio IDFM, Jasmina is invited by Philippe Soler on RCF National Radio for an INTERVIEW in the radio-show “Dumka” entirely devoted to her new album.


listen to the radio show with jasmina's interview (french)



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